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A well designed and well built stained glass window can remain in good condition in excess of 100 years

 However, some windows have suffered over the years

Glass panes are cracked or have bits missing

The lead work may be damaged with cracks evident around the solder joints

The sealing compound which gives the finished panel its strength and waterproofing becomes crumbly and weak

Occasionally, the window slumps and distorts

Grime builds up on the glass, dulling the colours and there is often over painting on the glass and lead


At Merlyn Glass we appreciate that stained glass windows are often a feature which attracted the home owner to the property.

We therefore take the greatest care to sympathetically restore and repair existing stained glass windows and leaded lights

We go to great lengths to retain as much of the original glass as possible during restoration. If some pieces do need replacing, because they are missing or badly broken, we use glass colours and textures that are as close to originals as is possible

We 'age' any new lead work to match the restored window to any others in the property

If possible, we improve the strength of the window by incorporating internal steel strengthening

All the glass is thoroughly cleaned, restoring the vibrancy of the original colours


                    Home Consultation and quotations are provided at no cost                    

Removal and re-fitting service is available



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